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[Federated Authentication] : Integrating TestShib with WSO2 Identity Server

In my last blog post,  we went through, how we can configure Shibboleth IDP as an Federated IDP for WSO2 Identity Server. Today lets see how we can configure Identity Server with testshib (https://testshib.org/) which is also shibboleth IDP that is available online for testing purposes. Configure Identity Server as SP in testshib IDP testshib has been already configured. […]

[Federated Authentication] Integrating Google OpenID-Connect Authentication with WSO2 Identity Server

In my previous blog post , we went through how you can configure the SAML2 SSO web application with Identity Server. Users authenticate to Identity Server by proving username/password. These username/password must be authenticated with the enterprise user store that identity server has been deployed. Therefore only the user who are in the enterprise user store […]

In-bound/Out-bound User provisioning with WSO2 Identity Server

Identity Server supports for both In-bound and Out-bound provisions. First let try to understand what is meant by Out/In provisioning In-bound provisioning Provisioning users/groups to Identity Server’s user stores by an application (Service Provider). Supported via SCIM Standard. Also there is a SOAP based web service API. Users/Groups would be created in primary or secondary […]

XACML PAP PDP Separation

With my previous post,  i went through XACML PDP (Policy Decision Point) architecture by using WSO2 Identity Server.  In this blog post, i am hoping to go through how PDP and PAP have been separated each other. In some implementation (specially with older Identity server versions),  there is no any separation with PAP (Policy Administrator […]