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How to enable Hash Passwords in OpenLDAP

By default;  OpenLDAP does not hash the password by itself. If LDAP client sends a plain text value for userPassword in normal add/modify LDAP operation, OpenLDAP stores the userPassword as base64 encoded plain text value. Therefore; this value can be easily base64 decoded and can be retrieved the plain text password. So, LDAP client must hash the password […]

How to Install OpenLDAP server

In this blog post, I would like to share how OpenLDAP can be installed. Step 1. Download latest openldap version from here You can use wget. >wget Step 2. Extract and Run configure >tar -zxvf db-4.8.30.NC.tar.gz > ./configure -enable-ppolicy –with-tls=openssl You can also just run the ./configure command. But in above, It is asked to […]

JAX-WS client for WSO2 Admin service.

In my previous blog post, we understood about Admin services in WSO2 products. We have implemented a web service client for RemoteUserStoreManagerService. We used Axis2 client for that. Today, we are going to look, how we can implement a JAX-WS cleint for invoking admin services. I am using the RemoteUserStoreManagerService as sample admin service. Step […]

In-bound/Out-bound User provisioning with WSO2 Identity Server

Identity Server supports for both In-bound and Out-bound provisions. First let try to understand what is meant by Out/In provisioning In-bound provisioning Provisioning users/groups to Identity Server’s user stores by an application (Service Provider). Supported via SCIM Standard. Also there is a SOAP based web service API. Users/Groups would be created in primary or secondary […]

Managing User Attributes With WSO2 Identity Server

If you are using Identity Server for user and role management,You may wonder how we could manage user’s attributes with it.  In identity server, each user store attribute can be mapped as a claim. Therefore you need to go through claim management and properly map your LDAP/AD/JDBC user store attributes with the claim uris defined […]