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Thrift Load Balancing

Thrift is RPC framework protocol that can be used to transport data in faster manner over TCP.  Most of the time thrift is used to server to server data transfer…  As example to publish real time logs in to log servers.  I have worked with thrift to use it as PEP-PDP communication mechanism.  If you […]

How to Cluster WSO2 Identity Server for HA and Fail-Over

One of the important thing that must be supported by the production IDM system is that horizontal scaling with high availability and reliability.  WSO2 Identity server’s achieves the horizontal scaling using clustering mechanism. In this post i am going to explain deploying  Identity Server in a cluster.  Sometime, you may have gone through online articles and docs […]

Load balancing WSO2 Admin Services

If you are familiar with WSO2 product… You may have heard the word WSO2 Admin services…. In typical Identity Server deployment, there are clients (web applications, mobile clients and so on) that talk to these admin services. If you want to achieve high availability and load distribution, you need to load balance the client requests […]