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How to Cluster WSO2 Identity Server for HA and Fail-Over

One of the important thing that must be supported by the production IDM system is that horizontal scaling with high availability and reliability.  WSO2 Identity server’s achieves the horizontal scaling using clustering mechanism. In this post i am going to explain deploying  Identity Server in a cluster.  Sometime, you may have gone through online articles and docs […]

Troubleshooting WSO2 Identity Server – Part 1

WSO2 Identity Server is an open source identity and entitlement management server that you can find lot cross cutting features including technologies like SAML, XACML, OAuth, SCIM, WS* and so on.  Sometime, It would be little bit hard to work with Identity Server, specially when you encounter with issues without much descriptions.  As Identity Server […]

How to Write custom mediator for WSO2ESB

WSO2 ESB gives an extension points, where users can create their own processing logic in to the message path. One way is implementing a custom mediator  (class mediator) where it can be plugged with ESB sequences. We can found lot of docs and blogs on writing a custom mediators. But I just like to summarize all […]