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XACML PDP Performance Testing with Thrift

Last time using this blog post,  We discussed on load testing the XACML PDP using Jmeter.  We uses the HTTPS transport for calling the Web Service API that has been exposed by the PDP.  With Identity Server, we can also use Thrift protocal to communicate with PDP.  It is said that thrift is more faster […]

XACML PDP Performance Testing

Long time ago, i tied to discuss on measuring XACML PDP performance.  As i mentioned earlier,  it was little bit tricky task to define a proper test suit for XACML performance testing.  But however, I have done some performance  testing with WSO2 Identity Server, which is an open source XACML engine based on Balana. Using […]

PDP Clustering

One of the important thing that must be supported by the production XACML PDP is that horizontal scaling with  high availability and reliability.  WSO2 Identity server’s PDP achieves the horizontal scaling using clustering mechanism. In this post i am going to explain deploying of PDP cluster using WSO2 Identity Server. Here following three main points are very important […]

XACML PDP Performance Test Suit

These day, I am going to do a performance test on XACML PDP.  Actually with WSO2 Identity Server PDP implementation. But main problem me is to define a proper test suit for these testing. However as a start,  I just tried identify the factors that effect for the XACML decision query time. 1. Complexity of Polices, defined in […]

Improving XACML PDP Performance with Caching Techniques

One way of improving the performance of a XACML engine is by using caching techniques. But caching implementation must be designed carefully. Actually when remind the XACMLnetiq identity manager reference architecture, we could identify that, caching can be done in four places   1. XACML Policies can be cached. As policies usually be stored in […]