XACML PDP Performance Test Suit

These day, I am going to do a performance test on XACML PDP.  Actually with WSO2 Identity Server PDP implementation. But main problem me is to define a proper test suit for these testing.

However as a start,  I just tried identify the factors that effect for the XACML decision query time.

1. Complexity of Polices, defined in the PDP
2. No of Polices and Policy Sets, defined in the PDP
3. Policy Combing Algorithm, used in the PDP
4  Policy caching implementation
5. Performance of the attribute finders and  attribute caching implementation
6. Decision caching implementation
7. PDP and PEP communication
Above seven metrics can be used for defining the performance test suit. But Policy complexity is not straight forward metric as other six metrics.
Therefore i want to analyze the main reasons for the policy complexity and identity the complexity levels to define for out performance test suit.  That would be little bit tricky task.