SAML2 Signature validation tool for SAML2 Response and Assertion

This is a simple command line tool that you can validate your SAML2 Response and Assertion signatures. This has been implemented using Apache OpenSAML and Xmlsec libraries. You can download the zip file from here… and source also would be available inside side and svn from here. Therefore you can modify and change it as you want.

Step1. Download zip file from here

Step2. Extract zip find and run the script file

> [file path to your SAML token]

Your SAML token must be kept in a XML file and you need to provide the file path as a parameter to script file.

Note: By default there is a hard coded sample SAML2 response, therefore if you does not provide a path to your SAML token, sample SAML2 response would be validated.

Step3. If SAML token is correctly validated following output would be there…

Please note, here certificate has been extracted from the SAML token itself, therefore if you want to validate the certificate, you must do it in separate way.. It means that you need to verify whether certificate is trusted with your trust store.

There are some invalid samples that you can try out in “samples” directory, you can try with them and see the different error that is generated.

Thanks for reading…. we will improve the tool further.. Appreciates your feedback