What is new with WSO2 Identity Server 4.5.0/5.0.0 in XACML Space

It is really pleasure to announced that WSO2 Identity Server 4.5.0/5.0.0 can be downloaded from here. There are lot new improvements in XACML space with new version. let me go through them briefly.

1. Balana bug fixes and improvements.  Latest trunk of Balana has been used for Identity Server. Therefore bug fixes up to Sep 2013 has been there.

2. Clear separation of Policy Administration Point (PAP) and Policy Decision Point (PDP).  I would write new blog on this topic.

3. Improvements for XACML 3.0 Policy editors. There are three policy editors and policy set editor. Which are also can be configurable ( You can configure attribute Ids, data types and so on)

4. Improvements and bugs fixes in policy administration.

  • Introduction of Policy Versions
  • Introduction of Policy Status
  • Introduction of Individual policy try out

5. Improvements and bugs fixes in Policy Publishers

  • Introduction of Policy publisher actions. (Add, Delete, Update, Order, Enable/Disable)

6. Introduction of New PDP policy view. This would pull policies from internal PDP policy store and view them.  Still you can not pull policies from external PDP. This would be available with future release.

  • List PDP policy view
  • Ordering of PDP policies
  • Enable/Disable PDP policies.

7. Improvements to Try it tool  (It is the sample PEP).