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Single Sign On

Service provider grouping with WSO2 Identity Server

When WSO2IS is used as SSO IDP, end user (single browser agent) can have only one SSO session with WSO2IS. This session can not be based on the service provider or tenant domain or any other parameter. It means that once end user is authenticated to WSO2IS using given SP, All other SPs which are […]

Handling SP-IDP Session Synchronization with SAML2 SSO

When we are working with SAML2 SSO, one of the common question that is come in to the picture, is that the handling of session time out between SAML2 IDP and multiple SPs. (when single logout is enabled) Lets try to understand some common problems. 1. Does SP need to send SAML Logout request to […]

[Federated Authentication] : Integrating TestShib with WSO2 Identity Server

In my last blog post,  we went through, how we can configure Shibboleth IDP as an Federated IDP for WSO2 Identity Server. Today lets see how we can configure Identity Server with testshib ( which is also shibboleth IDP that is available online for testing purposes. Configure Identity Server as SP in testshib IDP testshib has been already configured. […]

IDP Initiated SAML2 SSO with WSO2 Identity Server

As mentioned in my previous post, we discussed how we can use Identity Server as SAML2 SSO IDP. We tried to configure the sample “” application. Now let see how we can achieve the IDP Initiated SAML2 SSO with same setup. Step 1. Enable IdP Initiated SSO. You need to tick on “Enable IdP Initiated […]