In-bound/Out-bound User provisioning with WSO2 Identity Server

Identity Server supports for both In-bound and Out-bound provisions. First let try to understand what is meant by Out/In provisioning In-bound provisioning Provisioning users/groups to Identity Server’s user stores by an application (Service Provider). Supported via SCIM Standard. Also there is a SOAP based web service API. Users/Groups would be created in primary or secondary […]

Managing User Attributes With WSO2 Identity Server

If you are using Identity Server for user and role management,You may wonder how we could manage user’s attributes with it.  In identity server, each user store attribute can be mapped as a claim. Therefore you need to go through claim management and properly map your LDAP/AD/JDBC user store attributes with the claim uris defined […]

Troubleshooting SAML2 Web SSO Scenarios

If you are working on developing, integrating and testing SAML2 based SSO scenarios;  It would be really useful, If we can trace the SAML2 messages that are going here and there. Once of the great tool that we can use for this, is the SSO Tracer It is just a firefox plugin and you can install it in […]

XACML PDP Performance Testing with Thrift

Last time using this blog post,  We discussed on load testing the XACML PDP using Jmeter.  We uses the HTTPS transport for calling the Web Service API that has been exposed by the PDP.  With Identity Server, we can also use Thrift protocal to communicate with PDP.  It is said that thrift is more faster […]

How to Change JKS KeyStore Private Key Password

When your keystore is compromised,  you must change the password of it…  Also when you are using/testing IDM products that are shipped with default keystores,  It is always better to use them by changing the default passwords.  Passwords of JKS files can be easily changed by using java keytool command as  following… Use following keytool command to change the key store password […]

[Federated Authentication] Integrating Salesforce with WSO2 Identity Server as SAML2 SSO IDP

In my previous blog post we went through how you can configure the SAML2 SSO web application with Identity Server. Users authenticate to Identity Server by proving username/password. These username/password must be authenticated with the enterprise user store that identity server has been deployed. Therefore only the user who are in the enterprise user store […]