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Month – September 2013

Upload your existing XACML policies in to WSO2 Identity Server

Most of my earlier blog posts,  i have gone through that how we can create XACML policies from policy editors.  In this blog post,  let see how we import an existing XACML policy in to WSO2 Identity Server PDP runtime.  But this would not be an straightforward process. It would take two-three steps.  Because, with […]

XACML Policy Administration With WSO2 Identity Server

According to the XACML terminology, Policy administration point is the place where,  XACML policies are defined and managed.  WSO2 Identity Server is an one open source product that provides you to manage XACML policies. If you just login to management console UI of the WSO2 Identity Server v4.5.0,  you would see a PAP UI with […]

Getting start with XACML In WSO2 Identity Server

As I have explained here, there are some improvements in entitlement management with Identity Server 4.5.0/5.0.0  If you just look for entitlement management console UI of 4.5.0/5.0.0 version,  you would feel,  it is little bit new.  Therefore i am using this blog post to give you some idea of it. I will go through step […]

XACML PAP PDP Separation

With my previous post,  i went through XACML PDP (Policy Decision Point) architecture by using WSO2 Identity Server.  In this blog post, i am hoping to go through how PDP and PAP have been separated each other. In some implementation (specially with older Identity server versions),  there is no any separation with PAP (Policy Administrator […]

What is new with WSO2 Identity Server 4.5.0/5.0.0 in XACML Space

It is really pleasure to announced that WSO2 Identity Server 4.5.0/5.0.0 can be downloaded from here. There are lot new improvements in XACML space with new version. let me go through them briefly. 1. Balana bug fixes and improvements.  Latest trunk of Balana has been used for Identity Server. Therefore bug fixes up to Sep […]

How To Write XACML Policies – Part 1 (Simple Policy Editor)

WSO2 Identity server  provides a XACML policy editors for creating XACML 3.0 policies. Actually WSO2 Identity server 4.5.0 has been shipped with three policy editors. One is simple policy editor that is going be discussed today  and others are basic policy editor and standard policy editor.  In this blog post, i am going to share some […]

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