XACML Sample for On-line Trading Application – 2

In my previous post,  I went through “Kmarket” online trading sample using Balana XACML 3.0 implementation.  Now let see,  how we can build this sample with WSO2 Identity Server.

Please make sure to read my previous post to get some idea about the sample….  ?

Step 1. Upload sample policies which can be found here in to WSO2 Identity Server.  And add them in to PDP runtime.  You can refer more details from this post.

Step 2. Implement PIP attribute finder module to retrieve user’s attributes from custom JDBC user store of the “Kmarket”. Please find more details from here; about writing PIP attribute finder module for this scenario.

Step 3.  Run the sample that can be found at here. This is a command line sample and all dependent libraries can be found within the sample.

Note :

1. This sample contains dependency for  PEP agent sample which can be found here. PEP agent is an agent library that provides client side API to talk with WSO2 Identity Server.  It is still in developing status.  However this agent would work with this sample.

2.  This sample does not consider about the authentication.  you can enter any value for user’s password. However it can be also done with WSO2 Identity Server API.