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standardized, attribute based, externalized, fine-grained and dynamic authorization for enterprise applications

Month – May 2012

XACML Policy Editor in WSO2 Identity Server V 3.2.X

[This blog post describes the policy editor of WSO2 Identity Server 3.2.X Which is now older version.  Please find new details about policy editors from here] WSO2 Identity server provides a XACML policy editor UI for creating XACML policies. Actually Identity server 3.2.X is shipped with two policy editors. One is basic policy editor and […]

XACML Sample for Health Care Application – 2

In my previous blog post,  I have implemented small XACML sample with WSO2 Identity Server. Now lets try to extend it by adding more authorization rules. The XACML policy that is used in previous blog post, achieves following authorization logics; I am just going to recall them as followings. 1. Patients can read their own […]

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