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Month – December 2012

Initializing configured Balana instance for WSO2 Identity Server

Entitlement engine (XACML engine) of WSO2 Identity Server, is based on the Balana XACML 3.0 implementation. But If you search through WSO2 Identity Server distribution, it provides separate set of configurations to configure the entitlement engine. Basically for defining the attribute finders and policy finders, it uses a property file called “entitlement.properties” which can be […]

Extending Balana – Custom Combining Algorithms

According to the XACML specification, there are lot of extension points that provide the flexibility to extend a XACML engine. Balana XACML 3.0 implementation supports most of those extension points. Such as 1. Attribute finders 2. Policy finders 3. custom XACML function 4. custom combining algorithms 5. custom datatypes. In this blog post, I will […]

Getting start with Balana

Balana is one of open sourceXACML implementation that supports XACML 3.0.  If you need to do some testing on Balana or integrate the Balana with any other component, this blog post would be useful. Here i am going to explain how we can get start of Balana. Approach 1. This is the easiest way. Just create […]

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