WSO2 Balana Milestone 1 of 1.0.0 Released…!!!

[Please note latest Balana source can be found from here  It is trunk and source will be  moving  to github  ]

It is pleased to announce the M1 release of WSO2 Balana 1.0.0

WSO2 Balana is an open source implementation of XACML, which support XACML 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 and 3.0 specifications. WSO2 Balana is based on Sun’s XACML implementation. XACML 3.0 specification and some improvements have been implemented on top of it.

What is new ?

1. XACML 3.0 core specification
2. Multiple decision profile
3. File based policy finder module
4. Unit test for XACML 3.0
5. Samples

What is next ?

1. Improvements for multiple decision profile support
2. Improvements for XPath support
3. More unit tests, samples and documentation


You can download the WSO2 Balana M1 distribution from :

You can checkout the source code of 1.0.0 branch from :

You can find the samples from distribution and temporary documentations from :

Reporting Issues:

Issues can be reported using the public JIRA available at

We really welcome your feedback and we are looking forward to hear your thoughts and suggestions…..