Apache Dircetory Studio as Your LDAP User Store

1.  You can downlaod Apache Dirctory Stido from here

2. Then you can extract in to a directory in your file system

3. Start Apache Directory Studio by running executable file called ApacheDirectoryStudio

Lets create a LDAP Server.

4. If you can not see the ApacheDS server window, First you must view it.

Window -> Show View -> Other -> Select ApacheDS Server

Now you can see the Server management window.

5. Then Lets create a new server. Click on new server icon (ctrl+E) and you must only enter a name for the server and New server will be created with default configurations

By double-clicking you can view the configuration file (server.xml) of created server. Your can configure it as your options. But Here i am continuing with default configuration

6. Now just click on Run icon (ctr+R), Your server will be started.

Now we are going to create a connection to the running LDAP server to browse it.  (You can create connections with almost any LDAP server)

7. LDAP -> New Connection ,  New LDAP connection wizard will be promoted.

8. Configure Network parameters

Connection Name  – Any name you like
Host Name  – Host name of your LDAP server is running. Here LDAP server is also in within same machine. So localhost
Port – LDAP server running port.  Here 10386, default port or which has configured in server.xml file
Encryption Method – if you want  to secure the connection to LDAP server, use SSL. Also make sure to change user Port according ldap and ldaps

9. Configure Authentication  parameters

Authentication method  – You can select simple authentication , advance authentication method or no authentication, according what you have already configured in server.xml Here we must use the simple authentication.
Bind DN or User  –   uid=admin ,ou =system
Bind password    – secret

when new LDAP server is created, by default, admin user is created with above DN and password. If LDAP server already contain any users, you can use any DN that you want.  Browser option and edit option are kept as defaults and lets finished it.

10. Now open your connection by clicking open connection icon in your connection browser.

11. Then you can view your LDAP Browser by double clicking on your connection and display the tree of your LDAP Server.

Now you are able to create, delete and modify your entities in LDAP server….!!!

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