Configure KeyStore (JKS) files in WSO2 products in Production

Lets discuss;  How you can properly configure KeyStores in WSO2 products based on Carbon 4.2.X. There are two main keystores in all products which are,

1. Primary KeyStore which is used for SSL
2. Registry KeyStore which is used for Data encryption and decryption.
You can find that both KeyStore configurations in the /repository/conf/carbon.xml file. By default; same wso2carbon.jks has been configured as both primary and registry KeyStores.

But in real production, you MUST use different KeyStores for primary and registry keystores.
Followings are the simple rules regarding KeyStores, you MUST follow in WSO2 production deployments.

  1. Both primary KeyStore and registry KeyStore must be changed from default wso2carbon.jks file in production setup.
  2. As mentioned; You must configure different KeyStores for primary and registry KeyStores
  3. If your WSO2 deployment has been clustered with multiple WSO2 instance, Every WSO2 instance must use the same registry KeyStore. It can NOT be different from each products.
  4. If your WSO2 deployment contains different products. Same product instances must have same primary KeyStore. Different products can have different primary KeyStore and it is not mandatory to be different.
  5. It is recommended to use CA signed KeyStore for primary KeyStore as it is used for SSL communication. But it is notmandatory. You can even use self signed certificate, if your clients can trust it.
  6. Primary KeyStore must contain only one private key. There can not be two private keys. (This is due to some issue in WSO2 products which may be fixed in future).
  7. Primary KeyStore must contain same password as KeyStore password and private key password. (This is due to some issue in WSO2 products which may be fixed in future)
  8. Registry KeyStore must be a self signed one. You can use CA signed KeyStore, But there is no worth of using such CA signed KeyStore as it is not use for external communication and it is only for data encryption.
  9. Validity period of the Registry KeyStore certificate does not matter for the encrypt/decrypt the data. When you are creating the registry KeyStore, you can provide the maximum validity period for it.
  10. Registry Keystore’s public certificate must have Data Encipherment key usage. Therefore, Please note that you need to create the certificate with “Data_Encipherment” usage.  Default self signed certificate would contain it already.

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